Name: justin

Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 6 20:08:23 2003

Comment: Love the page, I am looking for info on Lenny's comments on Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, do

 you have any info?

Name: Maryanne M

Country: US Date: Tue Aug 19 21:58:28 2003

Comment: Strange that now at 42 I discover Lenny. Sure I've heard things here and there about him

 my entire life but suddenly the enormity of his life his mission is beyond comprehension and I am

 utterly moved by this man. Great website, thanks.

Name: denisemarie

Country: usa Date: Mon Aug 4 06:14:54 2003

Comment: saw a movie about him jan 1976 forum theatre 

philadelphia 22nd market

Name: Sal Governale

Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 6 06:45:35 2003

Comment: God Bless Lenny Bruce. He died for our right to speak our minds....to whoever the fuck we


-Sal Governale aka Sal The Stockbroker 

(Howard Stern Show)

Name: Ned Claasen

Country:  Date: Fri Jun 27 21:18:12 2003

Comment: Just read the new book and went on the internet to supplement info on Bruce. Very nice


Name: Bob H.

Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Jun 23 16:17:37 2003

Comment: I hope this clarifies a little about Lenny's Steve Allen appearances ... according to TV

 Guide April 4-10, 1959 issue, he was on the program on Sunday, April 5. Interesting note is the Three

 Stooges were also on the bill! Keep up the great work !!

Name: sub vulture

Country:  Date: Wed Jun 4 10:24:19 2003

Comment: yes the genius of a troubled man but does anybody have any info on murray roman?

 almost definatly a bit of a copy cat but funny in his own right i have had a copy of "you cant beat

 people up and them say i love you" for some time know and would like to know more about the guy!

Name: william

Country: United States Date: Wed May 28 05:29:55 2003

Comment: im 21 years old and iv'e just seen the movie thats about lenny bruce its in black and white

 starring dustin hoffman and i was literaly blown away. i had know idea what he went threw and i just

 wanna learn more about him.THANK YOU FOR HAVING THIS SITE! an new lenny fan!

Name: jeff

Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 2 06:23:24 2003

Comment: ahead of his time, would be tame by today's standards. this is nothing new. he spoke his

 mind, but narrow minded people could not deal with reality.

Name: Ron Raines

Country: usa Date: Thu Mar 27 17:45:54 2003

Comment: I love this site. Would you know where online I could find a text copy of the play,

 "Lenny" by Julian Barry?

Name: Patti Gibbons

Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 21 22:05:01 2003

Comment: Do you know if Honey is still living?

Name: Jeremy Nero

Country: Amareca Date: Mon Mar 17 01:13:10 2003

Comment: Im 23 now and I was about 12 the first time I heard of Lenny Bruce. Then I bought some

 old vinyls and ever since Ive collected anything of his that I could get my hands on. In my opinion,

 Lenny Bruce made comedy what it is today, although he gets none of the respect that he deserves. I

 just wish that Lenny Bruce and G.G. Allin could of done some kind of tour together. That would have

 been hardcore.

Name: Tom Degan

Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 26 22:32:55 2003

Comment: Thanks for this great sight dedicated to the one and only Lenny Bruce. 

It's amazing; when I was a kid my hero was John Lennon. When I was about 15 years old, I bought an

 LP of recorded interviews with Lennon. At the time I thought the guy was an absolute guru.

 Hindsight is an amazing thing. I'm 44 years old now and, listening to that same record recently, I was

 struck by how mind-numbingly naive the man was. At 15 years old I was also a major fan of Lenny

 Bruce and yet, the older I get, the more impressed I am with Lenny Bruce. The word genius is overused

 these days but applying it to Lenny is easy. We sure could use him now.

Tom Degan

Goshen, NY

Name: Dogmann

Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Jan 24 23:35:04 2003

Comment: Do Good.......

And Be Happy!

Name: Robert L, Lucas

Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Jan 24 23:24:38 2003

Comment: Love it!!!!!!!

Name: Gilbert

Country: US Date: Wed Jan 15 19:02:13 2003

Comment: Thanks for presenting the audio Lenny!

Name: David Cox

Country: Japan/UK Date: Wed Jan 15 13:07:54 2003

Comment: Great stuff, Lenny lives!!!!!

Name: Evelyn Joel

Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 2 18:15:41 2003

Comment: I'm trying to find out some information. If you can't help, that's ok. Lenny was married to

 Honey. Sometime after they divorced she married Dick Roman. I went to high school with Dick his

 name then was Richard DiGiaccamo (sp). He used to sing with a voice sort of like Vic Damone. Dick

 went on to sing on Liberace's TV program. I read somewhere that Dick died at the age of 42/43. I

 would like to know what happened to him. Is Honey still alive? How did they meet? I'm saddened by

 Dick's death. If th

Name: Viki Collier

Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 31 07:17:26 2002

Comment: I Love Lenny.

Name: Sabrina

Country: Canada Date: Thu Dec 19 10:48:09 2002

Comment: Brilliant site. I loved pages and read all of them. Lenny bruce was a revolutionary and an

 iconoclast, thanks for introducing him to newer generations and to the more mainstream public. Down

 with censorship!

Name: Vik

Country:  Date: Wed Oct 23 15:33:44 2002

Comment: http://cafepress.com/lenny_bruce

This is the only place with a Lenny bruce lunch box!


Country: us Date: Sat Oct 5 01:23:13 2002

Comment: This is an amazing sight. Im having trouble emailing you. Please contact me at


Name: Patrou

Country:  Date: Tue Sep 24 18:51:20 2002

Comment: Great LB site, I will bookmark to browse later, thanks

Name: tony hobman

Country: new zealand Date: Mon Sep 23 11:16:16 2002

Comment: the man was only a mirror. keep looking and keep seeing. his cause and warnings are in


Name: K.C.O.

Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 28 23:54:41 2002

Comment: Would you be willing to reciprocate by putting up a link to our website promoting a

 fabulous new book devoted to the trials of Lenny Bruce called, oddly enough, The Trials of Lenny

 Bruce: The Fall and Rise of an American Icon. The site is located at http://trialsoflennybruce.com 


Name: Mike

Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 26 00:58:46 2002


 funniest cartoon i have ever seen. LIGHT years ahead of it's time!!!!! I have a crappy version

 recorded off of a tv show. thanks a zillion-

Name: Randall Stokes

Country: usa Date: Sun Aug 11 23:54:41 2002

Comment: great site!

Name: sugarhovis

Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 28 03:08:11 2002

Comment: Lenny Bruce was brilliant.

Name: Michael A. Adashefski

Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 25 23:30:55 2002

Comment: You have one of the greatest Lenny Bruce sites on the internet and are doing a

 tremendous job of preserving his legacy. Do you, or any of the readers here, know if any more of his

 recorded work has been released since his death? I know that his daughter inherited a vast amount of

 his tapes and wonder if any of them have ever seen the light of day. 

Thank you Masked Man! Hi Ho Silver!

Name: Albert Manokhine

Country: Russia Date: Mon Jul 15 07:11:54 2002

Comment: Good site.

Thank You


Name: HIlary

Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 7 00:34:42 2002

Comment: HEy!!

THanks for all of the great info on Lenny Bruce! I am taking a class at UNLV called humor in

 American Literature and I am doing a presentation and paper on Lenny.Thanx for the info!!!


Name: Elli

Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 6 09:11:30 2002

Comment: excellent site, as mentioned previously-his words and messages are still so poignant-an

 intellectual hero.

Name: Austin Nichols

Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 5 03:34:55 2002

Comment: If you're making a list of the "next Lenny Bruces" you can put the NY comedian, Rick

 Shapiro, right after Bill Hicks. He only plays one club in the city, but it's worth the trip.

Name: lidz

Country: england Date: Sat May 18 23:53:36 2002

Comment: lenny bruce is a lengend who believed in free speach, big up for the guy. went to see

 eddie izzard play lennie bruce 3 years ago at queens theatre, london, wonderfully inspiring, lenny left

 his mark, R.I.P

Name: Allen

Country: USA Date: Tue May 14 07:31:29 2002

Comment: I have been a Lenny Bruce fan for many years. I have several of his albums. Long live

 Lenny Bruce.

Name: Rodney E Griffith

Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 29 03:47:33 2002

Comment: Daniel, you've created an excellent resource site!

Name: eugene

Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 25 19:44:20 2002

Comment: This is THE Lenny Bruce page, and one I have been waiting for. There is very little else on

 the net about him until your superb effort, and I always return here for more. To say Lenny was

 misunderstood and unjustly persecuted during his lifetime would be an obvious understatement. He

 was a genius, visionary, and a street prophet. Many of his routines are as poignant today as when he

 first presented them in public so many years ago, and so a propos to the times in which we live. Yes,

 he certai

Name: Jeremy Frederick

Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 16 21:47:44 2002

Comment: This site is great. Been a Lenny fan for years. It is good to know there are other fanatics

 out there!

Name: Blues Caster

Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 8 20:22:36 2002

Comment: Nice site, but how do I play these audio files? I am on a Mac. Thanks. Lenny lives on and


Name: Patrick

Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 2 04:59:33 2002

Comment: I was watching snippets of old television interviews with Bill Hicks and the interviewers

 continually compared him with Lenny Bruce. Naturally, I looked him up, found this website, and

 listened to a few audios. Cheers to all those perverts who love to piss in the sink.

Name: Al

Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 28 17:37:33 2002

Comment: Very good site. Thanks for the compilations. Do

you know if one can find a copy of the film Lenny

made at one point? "Stamp Help Out" I think

might be the title? Also, are the full Steve Allen

appearances accessible via the net?


Name: Don Friedman

Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 20 03:42:47 2002  

Comment: Producer of most of Lenny's concerts including Carnegie Hall......keep the faith

Name: JohnB

Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 13 19:24:02 2002

Comment: It is so important that web sites like yours exist. Thank you for doing your part in keeping 

free speech alive.


Name: Robert DiPasquale

Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 5 22:00:02 2002

Comment: Thank you for the audio clips. A friend and i were just on the phone talking about Lenny

 B and wondered if there was any audio of his available online; and there you were. Great site.

Name: Honey Malone

Country: US Date: Sun Mar 3 00:05:07 2002

Comment: This is a new website for me and I couldn't be happier any thing new with Lenny Bruce,

 just makes me smile, but hey what I've been looking for is photos of Lenny and also Honey, can any

 one help?

Name: Alison

Country: usz Date: Thu Feb 28 17:15:58 2002

Comment: hey, 

this is a great site it will help me very much in my research paper. Thank you so much 


Name: Terry

Country: Swed Date: Tue Jan 22 14:40:34 2002

Comment: Isn't he dead ?

Name: Brian Strosahl

Country: US of Fucking A Date: Mon Jan 14 06:31:39 2002

Comment: I am so pleased to find this web site. If there is any way i can help let me know. Lenny is a

 friend of mine...

Name: Dixie

Country: uk Date: Fri Jan 11 18:24:46 2002

Comment: just browsing and I came across your audio page I I have been listening to talk radio since

 launch day, just wanted to say it brought back lots of fun memories for me, they should never have

 let geezer and al go bring back mike to ians show

Name: Jimi Slaughter

Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 29 06:13:16 2001

Comment: I happen to be a stand up comic and a big fan of Mr. Bruce. I have many documentaries

 and articles. You might want to check out Bill Hicks also. Quite possibly the funniest orator of our


Name: Carlo Giuffre

Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 16 00:12:43 2001

Comment: Great find. Brings back memories. Our local

barber gave my brother two boxes of playboy.

Late 50's or early 60's. My brother found interview on Lenny Bruce and did a paper on him

for his class in Sophmore year of Catholic School

Name: RB

Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 7 03:09:11 2001

Comment: Nice job keeping the faith & keeping the legend living.Very few ommisions...well done!

Name: ray wasik

Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 1 06:59:10 2001

Comment: Lenny: There are many. Including me and Manny. Who would gladly give a penny if

 someone would send ye back here aplenty. There only is the what is but now we long for the what

 was. Where have you gone Mr. Masked Man and Little Son, a nation turns its only eyes to you? We

 cry boo hoo.When I first turned ear to you it was the sound. The earnestness in your voice, your

 delight in the magic that happened without plan. Your joy in the laughter of those off stage and

 the laughter from you, making yourself so sincerely ha ha. Yeah, World put out the Elvis and the

 Berle stamps and forget the one who really put his stamp on us. On U.S. Onus. Rave On Lenny, Rave

 On, With The Living of a Vision.

Name: LiBbey Joplin

Country:  Date: Tue Nov 27 05:07:26 2001

Comment: Thank you so much Dan & anybody else that made this site happen.

It's a real breath of fresh air. Lenny never ceases to make me smile/ laugh.

All in all I found it empowering!!

Best regards,

LiB Joplin

Name: Lorraine

Country: UK Date: Wed Nov 21 16:42:35 2001

Comment: This shows extensive dedication to and appreciation of a great comedian.... never heard of

 the guy until I read this stuff....amazing!

Name: Damiana

Country: United States Date: Thu Nov 15 20:09:00 2001

Comment: Thank you for making this site. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Obviously I'm not the only one

 who remembers him, but I'm the only person I know who does. It's good to know there are other folks

 out there somewhere who give him a thought from time to time too. So again? Thanks! (I have a link

 back to this site on my page, I hope that's okay. If not let me know)

Name: Damiana

Country: United States Date: Tue Nov 13 16:07:32 2001

Comment: He can still make me laugh, and it still makes me cry...He's gone but not forgotten

Name: Eric D. Sefton

Country: United States Date: Fri Nov 9 17:45:41 2001

Comment: I am looking for a complete uncut video of Thank You Masked Man. Where can I get it?

Name: Keturah

Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 18 17:29:16 2001

Comment: Thanks for creating this page. It's most useful in finding references to most (if not all) of

 Lenny's work for Bruce students such as myself trying to get as much reference material as possible.

Keturah Kendrick

Name: lizzie

Country: jersey Date: Thu Aug 30 00:04:07 2001

Comment: I just found out about Lenny Bruce and am happy happy happy to have found him.Your

 site gave me the opportunity to actually hear his voice and I just wanted to say thankyou. How great

 is he?

Name: Michael

Country: England Date: Fri Aug 10 03:26:19 2001

Comment: Excellent site. Thanks a million for the sound

clips etc.

Name: Meshka

Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 6 22:04:47 2001

Comment: Where can I get a copy of the uncut short Thank you masked man?

Name: lizzie

Country:  Date: Mon Jun 4 01:10:41 2001

Comment: hi

i stumbled accross you looking for info on Wild Al kelly... just wanted to know what happened to him

 or what you've got on him... I used to listen to him on Talk Radio, I called him on air once and he was

 off air within 24 hours,hope it was nothing to do with me. (I made hime snip his pubes off on air and

 made him promise to send them to me so I could verify he wasn't a ginner. I've got the tape

 somewhere) anyway I coudl only access your sight through the lenny bruce page (which I love b

Name: dave lopez

Country: U.S. Date: Sat May 19 17:04:23 2001

Comment: I like anything that goes against censorship, this is interesting stuff!!thanx.PEZ

Name: Amber

Country:  Date: Fri Apr 27 10:20:30 2001

Comment: Damn.....Thats all I gotta say.....

I would love to know where you have gotten all those WONDERFUL pictures of Lenny...

please email and let me know if there is a place I can contact to find pictures of Lenny...

I would definitly blah his blah!! *LOL*

Name: GailAnn

Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 7 22:55:55 2001

Comment: I happened upon this site, actually doing a search of recordings released by this and of

 this brilliant man, I like to call him Saint Lenny. I have to say, Thank you SO MUCH for this site, I will

 be checking it often and adding the link to this site to my own. Lenny is NOT DEAD, as long as we

 let truth prevail, and keep our eyes and minds open.

if anyone has any updates..... fill me in, any new media, fill me in some more, and if you just wanna chat,

 CA-LICK the link.

Lets rem

Name: mark

Country: uk Date: Fri Sep 1 14:47:39 2000

Comment: saw the play "lenny",starring eddie izzard last summer,'99-also,managed to get eddie to

 sign my lenny bruce vinyl album cover,superb adaptation of the life of l.bruce.only bettered by bill


Name: Matt Hulsether

Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 20 06:03:08 2000

Comment: Mutherfucker was hard core.

Name: luis sanchez

Country: england Date: Sat Aug 12 04:51:58 2000

Comment: have been into Lenny since 11 yrs old (now Im 31) This site is brilliant. Have been trying

 to track down all his material myself- this site will prove invaluable, Well done- luis

Name: Danielle

Country: usa Date: Thu Jun 15 15:26:02 2000

Comment: any Idea where I can find the short animated skit of Lenny Bruce - "Thank You Masked

 Man"? any help would be nice. thanks

Name: Jameswerz

Country: Swaziland Date: Wed May 3 07:10:23 2000

Comment: Hey, nice site dan, lookin good so far

good luck with it


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Comment: yo, i just want to say hi and that i hate james...:)

Name: wayne

Country: UK Date: Thu Mar 30 02:32:34 2000

Comment: who the fucks lenny bruce?

Name: Barry Hill

Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 13 19:35:40 1999

Comment: Well researched site. Congrats on your site. 

Keep up the good work

Best Wishes

Everybody in O.R.C.A.

Name: Daniel

Country: U.K. Date: Wed Oct 13 18:49:21 1999

Comment: Hello, and welcome to my Lenny Bruce site.

All comments are welcome, but don't be too brutal!